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I’m Jenell

Comin’ at you live by way of Brooklyn where I was born and raised, welcome to Neon Gumbo Design Studio. I’m a multi-passionate creative with a talent for uncovering the culture behind a brand. I serve side-hustlers, self-made entrepreneurs, and magic-makers. NG is a design studio offering design, consulting, and a dash of intentional details that make your brand stand apart from the rest (like that one person alone at the party who commands all the attention without even trying).

With over 10 years of design experience, my favorite moment in the process is when I realize that I’ve become fluent in that brand’s language. After that it’s like a pot of good gumbo: each element we add only serves to make the whole situation that much more delicious. I can’t wait explore your business and give a visual voice to your brand. Pull up a chair, baby! Let’s get cooking.

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