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*Wipes drool* The Coquettish logo is almost TOO sexy, and we’re here for it. The first letter of your website title, service, blog, shop, or clothing brand will be highlighted to create a feeling of delicate whimsy that nobody (including us) can deny. Font and layout is static, but let’s get see what this looks like with your company’s name and tagline front and center. Ready to step in to try her on? Make the first move with the Coquettish logo.


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1. Wipe the drool from your face and select The Coquettish logo
2. Select your hex codes for desired colors.
Need help with Brand Colors? Go have fun here!
3. Purchase!
4. Do a happy dance ‘cause it didn’t break the bank.
5. Fill out the form below so that we can customize your logo to match your branding
6. In 72 hours, we’ll deliver you something super sexy
7. Add your logo to all of the platforms where your business shows up online and in print

Included in your file pack: pdf, jpg, png.

*This item is sold more than once.
©Neon Gumbo Design Studio | Not to be resold.

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